We are a family owned and operated ranch located in the beautiful valley of Mancos, Colorado.

Our products are 100% natural and all of our milk, fiber, and food producing animals are rotationally grazed on no-spray pasture and fed non-GMO and/or organic food.

This is the foundation for producing our premium skin care products, including goat’s milk bar soap, goat’s milk liquid soap, lotion, sugar scrubs, sunshield and lip balm.


Skin Care

  • Our skincare line is designed with skin health in mind. Our goat’s milk soap not only cleanses, it also nourishes the skin by utilizing the healing properties of goat’s milk, paired with sustainable, organic products like coconut oil, honey, essential oils, and more. Using a variety of essential oils, each scent is created with a purpose. For example, our tea tree grapefruit soap, has antibacterial, antiviral, and deep cleansing properties and our lavender soap is calming, relaxing, and a popular choice for those looking to relieve their sensitive skin. With a large variety of options, we work to accommodate every skin type.
lotion, sugar scrub, goat’s milk bar soap, goat’s milk liquid soap, lotion and lip balm

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12 thoughts on “Home

  1. OBSESSED with these natural soap products! My aunt gave me two bar soaps and one liquid, I didn’t know I would need more!

  2. Hi this is Nicole from Pinedale, I didn’t get to see you at the farmers market today, but we want some of your chicks!! I look forward to hearing from you !

    1. Hi Nicole, that’s great! Will it work for you if we bring your chicks to the farmers market next week?
      We have 1 week old and 4 week old chicks available. The breeds are, Ameraucanas, Australorps, Barred Rocks and Buff Orpingtons.
      So glad you found us online!

  3. Hi from Pinedale! Somehow we ended up with an extra chick! I’ll make sure to give you the extra money next week at the market 😊

  4. Hi we met you guys listening to your daughter sing at Buffalo Bills. Just ordered som Products & cant wait to try them!

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