StH Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch located in the beautiful valley of Mancos, Colorado. Established in 2013 by Dan, Diane, Shelby, and Madison, the ranch name represents our last name, St. Hilaire. Our products are 100% natural and all of our milk, fiber, and food producing animals are rotationally grazed on no-spray pasture and fed non-GMO and/or organic food. This is the foundation for producing our premium skin care products, including goat’s milk bar soap, goat’s milk liquid soap, lotion, sugar scrubs, sunshield and lip balm. We believe in knowing what goes into and onto our bodies, so we can nourish them in the best way possible. This is why we eat organically, live an organic lifestyle, and share a healthy way of life through our products. At the ranch we strive for quality, with animal care at the top of our list. We work hard to ensure the comfort and well-being of our animals because, as long as they are happy and healthy, we can create products that meet a high standard.

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