NEW – Lotion & Sunscreen!!!

That’s right, we are now offering lotion and sunscreen!

We have worked hard to create  a lotion that is full of amazing ingredients like coconut oil, argon oil and Shea butter and free of chemicals such as, preservatives and parabens. Our lotion is light and fluffy, yet extremely moisturizing and will not leave your skin felling heavy with an oily feel. Choose from a variety of scents such as the ever faithful lavender, fresh and tropical coconut lime and vanilla bean, which smells good enough to eat. Like all of our other skin cleansing products, our lotion is scented only with essential oils and other real ingredients like vanilla beans! We are proud to offer a quality lotion that is made with all natural and organic ingredients,  smells great, feels great and actually works to moisturize and heal skin. In a family full of females, we have very specific lotion preferences and we are confident that you will love our new product! Check out our lotion HERE.

Have you ever read the ingredient labels on generic sunscreen? Don’t worry, we can’t pronounce the 25th ingredient either. Have no fear, because we are happy to share with you our new product, Sun Shield! With only 10 ingredients, our chemical free sunscreen is safe and healthy. With an SPF of 40 (oils range from 4 to 40 SPF) and oils such as, Hawaiian kukui nut oil and coconut oil, it is sure to protect your skin from the sun. If that’s not enough, we’ve added zinc oxide for extra protection! Living on a ranch and taking care of animals requires a lot of outside time in the sun so we know how important it is to protect yourself from intense daytime sun rays. We trust that our sunscreen will do the job well! Check out our Sun Shield HERE!

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